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What makes Thin Client more beneficial than others?

Also known as a slim client or a lean client, a thin client is a computer which has been built with the purpose of remote accessing a server. It accesses servers like cloud or those of desktop virtualization environments. However, it heavily relies on other servers or computers for achieving its computational role.

These are managed centrally and are thus free from those malware attacks. Thin clients have longer life span and consume less power, making it pocket-friendly for the users to purchase it. Users are even free from downloading any additional software for using it.

Difference between thin client and traditional client

The traditional clients, popularly known as fat clients are the desktop computers which are capable enough of handling every kind of functionality of a server. These thin clients can be referred to as a small box which can connect a mouse, keyboard, monitor along with Ethernet connection to any remote server. Thus, unlike the fat clients, these thin clients are generally used in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment. Further, unlike the traditional client, thin clients do not include any hard disk drive.

Benefits of using thin clients

Various enterprises can enjoy benefits of using thin clients in their IT infrastructure. It is due to this that companies are switching to unique platforms for having a centralized business by using the present virtual desktop technologies. These benefits are-

1.High end security

While using thin clients, you are assured to be protected from viruses and unauthorized software. This ensures that you have high security with privacy on your data and intellectual property. The data that you have on the network can neither be copied nor transferred to any other server. Further the fact that it is centrally processed makes it easy to manage the system.

2.Reduces overall cost

One of the best benefits that you can have by purchasing thin clients from Innotech is that your costs get drastically reduced. This affects your energy bill the most as it saves your cost up to 97% by consuming only 8-20 watts in average. Other than the electricity bill, you can save other costs like-

Licensing costs

Capital costs

Administrative and Operative costs

IT support costs

3.Boosts productivity

Your productivity is bound to get increased once you start using thin clients! Without having any expert staff, you can easily setup quickly. Users can even access the same data and applications virtually from anywhere, anytime.

4.Easy management

The fact that it is easy to manage makes thin clients more preferable than those fat clients. Unlike desktop computers, one is saved from using IT personnel to mend any kind of individual problems. Users can even have changes like security policies, up gradation of hardware and software in the data center itself. Thus, you can easily have these changes to your application without the need of any additional software.

Thin clients are undoubtedly one of the best technological platforms you can ever have to eliminate any kind of business problems. The fact that they can increase your device’s flexibility by building a better platform makes it a must have for all IT departments.

What is important to note is that, professional service providers should be consulted for hiring such computers since, the service that is provided by them is of standard nature, and expertise ensures that your business unit is in safe hands!

So, what are you still waiting for? Quickly visit Innotech and check out types of thin client for a better IT infrastructure of your organization.