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How can a Bed Side Terminal improve your hospital’s health care facilities?

‘‘Better patient care leads to better health care.’’

With the help of bed side terminals, you can easily introduce the concept of digital hospital in your health care center. A Bed Side Terminal may be the perfect aid you can provide to your patients for ensuring advanced patient care. Not only will this help your patients but also ease your efforts!

Bedside Terminals are a computer set up near the bedside to help patients connect with the medical staff for better internal and external communication. These terminals provide health education, entertainment and internet options along with accessibility to environmental controls in hospital rooms and other medical services.

Benefits of using Bed Side Terminal

This infotainment terminal consists of a computer, phone, television and a call button for the nurse. These terminals not only cater as life changing instruments but as life-saving too. These are tools that can be used by doctors, nurses and other medical staffs to have accessibility to patient information, check medical conditions, and decide on a treatment strategy as well as for taking notes and instructions.

Other than these, there are various other benefits one can have with the introduction of bedside terminals.

1.Advanced communication

With these infotainment terminals, not only can a patient communicate with the nurses and other medical staffs but make outside calls too. Other than traditional phone calls, they are open to various other modes of communication too.

Make conference calls to friends and family members together at a time and share his health updates. He can use webcams too for video conferences.

Free from holding the handset while chatting- can use the speakers directly.

Accessibility to various social networking sites for posting medical updates or engaging with friends.


The best part about availing bedside terminals from Innotech is that patients are open to a wide range of entertainment options. They can easily watch movies, webisodes, videos, download-on-demand, etc. Patients even have the privilege to browse the web, check news updates, do online shopping, listen to music and play games. If permitted by doctors, patients can even check their job mails and perform other professional work, pay bills, etc.

3.Clinical merits

Not only do patients get to avail the benefits of these bed side infotainment terminals but even doctors and other medical staffs can enjoy its benefits. They are free from memorizing every detail of their patients. From electronic prescriptions to e-health records, and computerized order entry systems, these devices ease the work of the staff too.


These infotainment devices enable the system of self-service to the patients. A patient can take care of his basic amenities without calling the nurse for everything. From switching off the lights to controlling the room temperature or accessing the meal-order system, patients can easily perform their own tasks without any difficulty.

Features of bedside infotainment terminals

High-resolution CCD Camera

Modern aesthetic design

Integrated speakers

Antibacterial materials

Two headphone jacks

Front control buttons

High-resolution touch screen

Now, if you are willing to enhance your hospital’s healthcare system, then availing a Bed Side Terminal from Innotech can be the best option for you! Not only will this improve the patient’s experience but offer various productivity solutions too. Hurry up and check the offerings!